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Nuvola tools, Nuvola tools, NUVOLA TOOLs!!

First of all, our apologies: we aren't dead, we were just working for you to create cool stuff ! 
New releases will follow soon thanks to this work, it took many weeks of programming, testing and tweaking to make this program, thank you for reading!

UPDATE: Click here for the Tutorial and help!

Nuvola group is proud to present our new work: a plugin for GIMP, expressly thought for manga/
comics cleaning!

NUVOLA TOOLs offer advanced grayscale cleaning and processing functions for your scans,
automates removal of shadows, dust and toner particles typical of less than perfect prints ,
screentones removal through automated shape and topology recognition and much more!

Kiss espensive PS goodbye and welcome to Nuvola tools: completely free!

Thought not only for manga cleaners but also for artists who scanned their lineart drawings and
anyone wishing to make beautifully clean monochrome scans,

finally a program that automates all those long and tedious operations you had to do manually,
leaving your picture as close as possible to the originals!

Still doubtful? Read the technical specifications:

− Five tools in one box: 1) remove speckles 2) fill white pores on black ink 3) remove specific
shapes, user defined! Road map: 4) damaged lineart regeneration 5) topological

− flexible submenus for topological operations: lets you define and match shapes with
arbitrary precision, fill ratios, distances between elements and sub-modes of operation

− cheat codes for serial operations and scripting

− when properly set for your scanner removes >99.99% of dust particles in just one pass
leaving the original lineart and textures intact

− removes 100% of dark shadows on white background in one pass

− if your blacks and not black but rather a sponge of gray ink and white pores, the whitepores
mode of operation can restore pitch-black art with >99% precision

− specific mode for texture and screentones removal, needs a high resolution scan: above
300DPI ensures 99.9% removal of screentones while leaving the other features intact

− while operating, you may also adjust grayscale levels either automatically or by

− extensive debug and measurement functions: internal operations saved to the shared
memory, you may use debug messages to finely tune your parameters

− extensive set of tuning variables, sliders and knobs 

− Tested on 7000+px high resolution pictures!

− Optimized fuctions rewritten from scratch! For topological measurements there's a 100x
gain in speed from standard libraries like pymorph

− Requires GIMP ( and a linux distro, an installation script to install dependencies is available for debian and ubuntu

You may get the plugin and the installation script *here*

Don't forget to check regularly for updates on this page, Nuvola Tools is actively mantained!

We prepared a couple of samples, they speak for themselves


And after:

Click on the pictures to view their full size version

You may want to read the tutorial to grasp the full potential of Nuvola Tools!

If you use Nuvola Tools and like it you're required to give us your impressions! Any suggestion or
request for new features is welcome


  1. Oh awesome!! Thanks a bunch for this! Hvent tested it yet but im very exited on it! Thank you!!! :D

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